Nurisha Trust partners with Kianda foundation to improve the livelihoods of women and girls. This is through different trainings in vocational skills, life skills ,health and nutrition, agriculture skills and these equip women and girls basic skills for survival in different situations in life and are also able to be employed and create employment opportunities for other people.

Many girls who benefit from these projects are on high demand in the hospitality industry due to the quality skills that they obtain from Nurisha Trust projects.Many of them are assured of employment after they finish the training.

Courses in the hospitality industry offered to women under Nurisha Trust

Duration: 3 months
Intakes : January ,May & September
Duration: 3 years
Intakes : May & September
Requirements for admission: C plain and above with a pass in Mathematics examined by K.N.E.C
Duration: 2 years
Intakes: May & July
Requirements for admission: C plain and above with a pass in Mathematics examined by K.N.E.C.

Duration: 3months
Intakes: January ,May & September
Duration: 3 months
Intakes: January and September
  • Introduction to computers
  • Etiquette and personality development
  • Educational & cultural outings
  • Seminars Individual attention through tutorials

Target course group

Primary school leavers, Secondary school drop-outs(KCSE graduates).
The main target group is female, unemployed and out of school youth, part of the priorities of the National Youth Policy.
Secondary School leaver girls (Form 4): Only a few girls manage to complete secondary school. But as there is no accessible technical training for them, they don’t have any chance to get professional skills to enter the labour market.

Outreach Programs

Students are encouraged to participate in outreach programs, going to rural villages where they give classes on home management. The program enables the students to contribute to society from what they have learnt.
These classes help the women to improve the quality of their lives and that of their families. For example, in cookery they learn how to vary local dishes attractively and affordably. These include; Adult Literacy course, dress making Outreach Program, nutrition and Agriculture, Cookery

Industrial Attachment

This is a program whereby students go out to the industry and are attached to an institution for a brief period of time to help them have a feel of the working world.The attachment involves students going out to various institutions and working in a department, practicing what they have learnt. They work in the catering departments of hotels, schools, hospitals and other institutions.

The Students are expected to do 2 attachments:

  • 3-week industrial attachment during the 2nd year holidays.
  • 3-month attachment at the end of the course.

Tutorial department

Each student is assigned a tutor with whom to discuss her studies. The tutor also provides guidance and support, helping to bring out the best in each student.

Seminars and excursions

Teachers and students enjoy seminars and excursions together, in which lasting friendships are formed. Students also get exposed to different ideas other than the knowledge of the classroom which is not sufficient and exposes them to different insights of other areas in life. Excursions are usually refreshing and help them to wind up from the different activities in the week.