Nurisha Trust implements many projects in education and vocational training in different places of Kenya and is backed up by Kianda Foundation. Kianda Foundation has 50 years of experience in empowering girls and women through 10 recognized and also in Kilifi where little educational actions and relationships with different local actors started being developed for 3 years.

IECD (European Institute of Cooperation and Development) is a French NGO which supports socio economic development programs initiated by local partners in developing countries. During its 20 years of experience it has developed real expertise in vocational training. IECD supports the local partner in the implementation and the coordination of this project; it gives methodological, institutional, financial and technical supports.


Corporate Partnership

Corporate partnership is linked to an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Some of the world’s most successful companies have realized that responsible business behaviour, such as CSR, strengthens a brand, secures customers and fresh investments, and generates additional profit. Nurisha Trust seeks for opportunity to promote public relations.

Ways to Partner

• A contribution of Kshs 1,000,000 will give the company its own named fund, within Nurisha Trust.
• An annual contribution of scholarships for any of these projects.
• Direct support to any of the rural projects.
• Technical and human resource contributions
• Skills development.
• Contributions in kind (e.g. materials)

Individual Partnership

Parents and past students can become partners by donating some money. This can contribute to the Nurisha Trust Fund.

Building the fund may take several years, but it is a challenge that can be met by all. One can start building the fund from any initial amount.

Ways to Partner

  • A standing banker’s order.
  • A Harambee with friends.
  • Raising an amount of Ksh, 500,000 within the family and giving the fund the family name.
  • Organizing an income-generating activity and building the fund with the proceeds.

Nurisha Trust looks forward to partnering with as many people as possible, in order to carry forward its many dreams for the future!