Many girls between 16 and 25 years old per year benefit from the hospitality vocational training on site, through the one year program.
Women between 20 and 60 years old each year benefit from the modular sessions of the outreach multi skills vocational training.These include,improved,living conditions,improved hygiene, jobs in the labour market due to high quality skills,women are able to come up with income generating units that produce revenue.
Actors of hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, resorts, golf links, and even private homes) will also benefit from the action as they will find qualified staff and thus improve their effectiveness and the quality of their services.


She is one of the past students who works at a Golf Club in Kilifi, Kenya and has been an inspiration to many. This year she wrote to the school and told the students: ‘Never lose hope; God has amazing plans for you. If you work hard in Tewa, you will be uplifted from nobody to somebody’.

Mama Saidi, One of the first who joined the literacy classes relate

” After learning how to read and write I started a small business of traditional food. Recently I joined the cookery classes. My business has improved a lot and my customers are very happy with the variation and the quality of my food. I was helped to open a savings account in a micro finance bank. Soon I qualified to get a loan and with it I bought a piece of land near the shopping centre, and started constructing 8 rooms that I plan to rent.’She has not managed to complete them yet, but the structure and the roof are finished.”
With her daily income from the food kiosk she is managing to repay the loan, and her plan is that as soon as she completes the repayment she will take a bigger loan to finish up the rooms. At present she lives with her family in one of the rooms. She has got an order of making chapatis (a traditional type of pastry) on daily basis for the lunch of the students of 2 nearby schools. She has now employed two women to help her in her business. She is determined that her children get the best education and that is what motivates her to work hard.


Finished her Diploma in 2009. She then worked in restaurant and then cottage guest house as a supervisor for 2 and a half years. She is currently the Manager of prominent business apartments in Nairobi. With an occupancy of 40 rooms, she is in charge of employees and of marketing the institution. She has also started a student hostel for Strathmore University students and has bought a plot of land which she intends to develop.She is in the process of finishing her university degree.


Started by doing the craft course at the college (2004) then proceeded to do the diploma. After working for a while, she began to do her university degree at Strathmore University.She was employed at a Café and quickly promoted to restaurant supervisor and then restaurant manager. In 2012, the restaurant sponsored her masters’ program in Switzerland. She is now the General Manager of the chain of restaurants in Kenya.


Thirteen years ago, Elsie’s family fled Ethiopia in the midst of a bloody civil conflict. Life as refugees was difficult and eventually her family settled in a Nairobi slum. Tale now has a reason to smile. Last year, she attended a seminar for high school girls held at the Kibondeni College and is now enrolled in the one year course. “I am already so proud of all that I have learnt at Kibondeni College,” she says. “Every time I go home I try something new. I would like to start a small business as soon as I finish school in order to be able to help my younger sister pursue her studies as my parents are really struggling to educate me. I also love how I feel at home in the college. Although I am a foreigner, everybody welcomes me and treats me as just another Kibondeni Student.”


Stringent financial circumstances at times stifle the dreams of many Kenyan girls. Rose’s family had to make many sacrifices to enable her to finish her secondary education. She then joined the myriads of young Kenyan girls who without any technical or professional training struggle to make ends meet. While staying at the Kawangware slums, her plight moved a well-wisher to pay her fees at the Kibondeni College.Now, undertaking the two year course, Rose’s life has new horizons open to her.“I am grateful for the opportunity to study. It is something I never imagined would happen. I would like to one day help another girl to study. I enjoy working in the kitchen and would one day like to be a chef.”

Carolyne Gwabi

She is married with two children who are all in school. Carolyne joined Tewa cookery classes in the year 2013 and she graduated on March 2015 and got her certificate and she was among the most hard working women in that class.Basing on the certificate Carolyne was awarded,she managed to get a job in one of the Secondary schools in Kilifi district as a Cook.
Carolyne says that the cookery classes have helped her a lot because she has improved in so many and learnt many life skills that have had a huge impact on her life. Before she joined, she used to depend on her husband for everything at home and even she didn’t manage to make any snack for their tea or breakfast,but now she doesn’t buy and instead makes them at home and saves money for other needs.Her husband is very impressed with what we teach the women and said before he used to struggle for everything alone and that life was too hard for them since he was the only bread winner and the only one to pay for the school fees but now her wife helps him in everything.

Bahati katana

She joined cookery class in 2013 and graduated in 2015.She married with five children.They are all in school.She has five children.She says had to really improve her standards of living and she joined the class. She started her own business with the knowledge she got in the cookery class and is making money which enables her to support her family.,”I felt the difference when I joined the class because I learnt a lot and don’t depend on my husband for everything.”She commented.
She also cook for her family snacks for breakfast and tea items and other different types of food.With the business, she is able to assist her husband to pay for school fees for their children and other family expenses.Bahati is requesting to be taught cooking using the Big machines like oven gas cooker and other big machines to improve her skills.