Nurisha Trust is a non-profit making educational Trust, founded in 1999 by Kianda Foundation, for the promotion of the educational and social welfare of women in Kenya. The Trust was established to provide a focused mechanism for Kianda Foundation to effectively run its vocational training institutions which specialize in hospitality and economic empowerment programs.



Micro-Finance and Entrepreneurship Training

Microfinance and entrepreneurship Training was launched in 2015 at Kibondeni college. The project was established so as to provide support to promising women Micro-entrepreneurs to enable them obtain access to affordable micro-financing. This is achieved [...]

Tewa Vocational Training Centre

Tewa is the latest educational project that has been established by Kianda Foundation in Kuruitu , Kilifi District, one of the poorest districts in Kenya.The Centre was inaugurated on 2nd February 2010 by Hon. Bendict [...]

Kibondeni College

Kibondeni College was established in 1967 as Kibondeni School of Institutional Management, to train young women in Domestic Science. The students performed well and its syllabus was adopted by the Ministry of Education for application [...]


Insight report: the future of work for young women in Kilifi

February 10th, 2021|Comments Off on Insight report: the future of work for young women in Kilifi

In this report, WONDER Foundation highlights the need to equip young women in rural Kenya with a diverse skill set so they can adapt and thrive in the post-COVID world.


Finished her Diploma in 2009. She then worked in restaurant and then cottage guest house as a supervisor for 2 and a half years. She is currently the Manager of prominent business apartments in Nairobi. With an occupancy of 40 rooms, she is in charge of employees and of marketing the institution. She has also started a student hostel for Strathmore University students and has bought a plot of land which she intends to develop.She is in the process of finishing her university degree.
Started by doing the craft course at the college (2004) then proceeded to do the diploma. After working for a while, she began to do her university degree at Strathmore University.She was employed at a Café and quickly promoted to restaurant supervisor and then restaurant manager. In 2012, the restaurant sponsored her masters’ program in Switzerland. She is now the General Manager of the chain of restaurants in Kenya.